Expandable Truss Trailer

Expandable ground level roll-off trailers, flat, slant, or drop profile & hydraulic lift neck.
Old Model NumberNew Model NumberClosed / Open LengthWidthWeight (+/- 3%)
BE-46TTR324632'-46'102"15,960 LBS
BE-50TTR365036'-50'102"16,260 LBS
BE-60TTR426042'-60'102"17,800 LBS
BE-66TTR446644'-66'102"18,200 LBS
BE-70TTR487048'-70'102"19,000 LBS
BE-77TTR537753'-77'102"22,210 LBS
BE-88TTR538853'-88'102"24,830 LBS
BE-92TTR5392353'-92'102"26,000 LBS
BE-95TTR5395353'-95'102"27,100 LBS

Standard Features on All Models

  • Galvanized Head Board
  • Galvanized Single Piece Hydraulic Neck
  • Galvanized Deck Plate
  • Galvanized Deck Rollers
  • Galvanized Ground Rollers
  • Galvanized ICC Bumper
  • Aluminum Tool Box with Hydraulic Pump and Motor
  • Galvanized Extended Frame with Chains
Main Beam
Top & bottom flanges: 3/8" x 6" ASTM A514 (130 Ksi). Web: 3/16" thick A572 (80 Ksi) with continuous automatic welding.
Cross Member
4" Structural Jr. I-beam, A656 80 Ksi on 12" centers
20" pin setting, 50 Ksi 3/4" hinged coupler plate on hydraulic arm with 60" stroke
Hoist Package
(2) 4" x 30" double acting cylinders. 12 volt DC motor/Piston pumps @ 25,000 psi, 1000 cold cranking amp deep draw batter with 6 Ga. Charge wire using a single post female plug.
Side Rails
6-3/4" x 1/4" formed channel ASTM A572 Grade 50
Landing Gear
2-speed gear with longitudinal and transverse bracing
Deck Rollers
6" x 3/16" x 99-1/8", A-512 type II tupe, 1-1/4" axles on 4 bolt flange bearings tapped for install. Rear deck rollers 24" centers and air actuated unlock device. Front deck rollers 36" centers and manual actuated unlock device. Heavy-duty rear roller, 6" diameter 1/4" thick wall, 1-1/2" axle on bronze bushings, BE-50, 60 & 70 have 6 adjustable rollers in expansion zone. Adjustable rollers pull out automatically. All deck rollers are zinc-plated.
Ground Rollers
(2) 14" x 1/4" wall, 1-1/2" axles on heavy duty bronze bushings.
14 gauge thread plate safety-walking floor
44,000 LBS Hutch H-9700 spring tandem
Slide box
Hutch H-8500-44 special roller flat off road package. Air unlock device.
Safety Bumper
Hinged rear safety bumper, air-actuated. Meets DOT collision requirements.
(2) 5" round, 22,5000 LBS rating, 49" center, automatic slack adjusters, 1S-2M anti-lock brake system.
16-1/2" x 7" air brake, non-asbestos with outboard drums
10-hole disc, hub piloted
255/70R/22.5 Radial
Quantity varies based on model
68,000 LBS
  • Tandem Axle Air Ride
  • Half Length Load Control (Fully Galvanized)
  • Full Length Load Control (Fully Galvanized)
  • Aluminum Tool Box
  • Center Tie Downs, Each
  • Hubdometer
  • Flag Holders - 4 pipes, holed & welded inside the beam (2 front / 2 back)
  • Flag Holders (Retractable) - 4 Galvanized holders (2 front / 2 back)
  • LED Light Upgrades
  • Dust Shields
  • Controllable Rollers On the back 30' trailer to control speed of load after unlocking rollers
  • S15000 12V Electric Winch
  • Sliding Ratchet Track (6pcs of 6FT Sections for the entire trailer)
  • 5" Outside Rails
  • 5" Bore Hydraulic Cylinders
  • TIRES: 11R22.5 Radial Tire Upgrade 14 ply or 295/75R22.5 Radial Tire Upgrade 14 ply
  • Aluminum Wheels, 8.25x22.5 (Tandem-Axle)
  • Aluminum Decking (Saving of 367 Lbs)
  • Solar Battery Saver
  • Additional Weld on Ratchet
  • Split Bed Rollers
  • 4-way plug on C/S for strobe lights
  • Tow-Bar at the rear of the trailer for Pulling
  • D-Rings (2) at the rear of the trailer for Pulling

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